High Threat Driver Training

Peter Zekert: High Threat Driver Training Instructor

Peter Zekert is an experienced trainer in the area of High Threat Driver Training.

Peter has trained US Special Forces, US Federal Marshalls, and US State Department personel in all aspects of driving under duress: including high speed techniques; unimproved road driving; off road; enemy avoidance; car fighting; high speed HUMMVEE; vehicle commandeering and vehicle recovery.

Peter Zekert :: High Threat Driver Training

Peter Zekert - High Threat Driver Training

A short video of Peter working with the PSD Shark Teams in Iraq.

Driving instructors (from L to R): Peter Zekert; Don Barrack (lead instructor); Shawn Lewis; and Scott Haines
Baghdad, Iraq, March 2009


  • Tier 1 Group, Marion, AR (2009-present)
  • DynCorp, Baghdad, Iraq (Winter 2009)
  • NEK Advanced Securities Group, Colorado Springs, CO (2006-present)
  • O'Gara Security Training, Alton, VA (2007-2009)
  • MATRIX International Security Training & Intelligence Center (MISTIC), Roswell, NM (2008-2009)
  • Triple Canopy Security Services, Baton Rouge, LA (2008-2009; 2011)
  • Blackwater USA, Moyock, NC (2006-2007; 2011-present)