A12 GX Camshaft (NEW) 13001-H2300

NEW A12, front distributor, "GX" camshaft, #13001-H2300. Lift is 0.331 inches (8.4mm) and duration is 256 degrees. $500 USD. [Not a regrind.]

A12 GX camshaft


USED Datsun A-Series race pistons

Wiseco 76mm Set Used 

USED forged, wedge dome pistons for high compression Datsun A-series engines. Check for availability. INVENTORY CHANGES WEEKLY!


NEW Datsun A-series Race Pistons.

WISECO wedge dome, high compression forged race pistons, availabe from 74 to 77mm bore, for all A-series engines, including customs.A15 Wiseco

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A12, A13/14, & A15 Crankshafts

I have approximately 30 crankshafts in stock at any time.

A12 Crankshaft STD/STD  $200.  70 mm stroke. [In stock.]

             A12 Race prepared crankshaft $400. 

A12A Lightweight STD/STD $300.  70 mm stroke. 

A13/14 STD/STD $250.  77 mm stroke. [Several In stock.]

             A14 Race prepared crankshaft $450. [In stock.]

A15 STD/STD $450.  82 mm stroke. [In stock.]


Datsun Competition Oil Pans- Wet and Dry Sump

Datsun Competition steel wet sump oil pan. Gated oil pickup box with one-way check valve in the oil pickup. Front Sump for 1200. Middle Sump for B210.  Used: $400-750.   B210 Middle Sump currently in inventory. 1200 Front Sump by order only.

Comp Oil Pan

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