Transmission & Rear End

Datsun 1200 H145 Rear Axle Oil Baffles

NEW Datsun 1200 H145 Rear Axle Oil Baffles. $85 usd per pair. Nissan part numbers 43015-25720 and 43016-25720. Instructions included.
h145 baffle 2

F5C56A-Nismo Close Ratio Parts

32202-H7220 Reproduction Main Drive Gear (23 t) - NEW $575. This is new and built from better materials by Houseman.

new F5C56A 23t Input

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Datsun A-series Transmissions

For the ultimate in racing transmissions, the Hall - Hewland close ratio, dog engagement transmissions are the item for your racing Datsun 1200. Using Hewland Mk. 9 gears, virtually any gear ratios are possible.

Hsll Hewland Mk1

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