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Austin, MG, Morris, Triumph conversions and parts

MG Austin Healy Sprite; Austin; Morris Minor; Triumph Spitfire Conversions:

MANY Austin Healy Sprite; MG Midget; Austin, Triumph and Morris vehicles have been converted to the 1971-1982 Datsun A-series drivetrains (engine and transmission) or simply to the Datsun 60 series overdrive 5-speed transmision. The Datsun engines are very close in size to the British Leyland A-series engines and come in sizes from 1200cc to 1500cc.

The Datsun engines are much stronger 5-main bearing engines than the British Leyland engines. Parts between the Datsun A-series engines are very interchangable (with very few exceptions), and they are VERY easy to work on and reliable.

The Datsun A-series transmissions are very robust. The most popular is the 60 series 5-speed, an overdrive transmission that allows MG/Sprite owners with MG/Sprite engines to keep up with highway traffic. [Rivergate and other firms make a Datsun conversion kit for the MG Midget/Sprite. Information on the Rivergate kit for your MG/Sprite conversion to the Datsun 60 series transmission can be found at: http://www.rivergate5speed.com/about_kit.html ]  

Lately I have been stocking more used parts for these conversions as I purchase more complete Datsuns for parts. [My main interest is racing, but I hate to throw away good parts.] I now try to stock intake manifolds and carburators; exhaust manifolds; distributors and repair parts; and engine internal parts.

Contact me for details as my inventory changes weekly. 


Datsun 1200 Fiberglass Body Panels

NEW Fiberglass Datsun 1200 Coupe Body Panels, for race use only, except as noted:



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