NEW Datsun A-series Race Pistons.

WISECO wedge dome, high compression forged race pistons, availabe from 74 to 77mm bore, for all A-series engines, including customs.A15 Wiseco



New set of (4) Wiseco 73 to 78 mm for A12, A13, A14 or A15. Forged, wedge dome pistons for high compression. Complete set with pistons, pins, rings and clips. Pin size is 19mm. Note that this is the pin size used in A14/A15 but is larger than the early A12/A13 size. Retail $800. Orders take 6-7 weeks to complete! There is a large price increase for 2010. 

Pistons can be special ordered with A12 [17.4447mm] pistons pins at an extra charge of $USD 20 per piston. [Pistons can also be built with 17.4600mm piston pins at no extra charge to allow you to hone your con rods to match.]

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A15 pistons use a shorter piston than the A12/A12A/A13/A14, but can be fitted to the other A-series engines with longer-than-stock connecting rods or by shaving the top of the block. A-series engine performance increases with longer connecting rods, if your racing rules allow!  If A15 racing pistons are used with an A12/A12A/A13/A14 engine setup, without longer con rods or shaving the block, the pistons will sit below the deck face by approximately 5mm.